Who is reading?

I know, my blog is rather easy to find.

A friend of mine actually took less than 5 minutes to hunt down my blog url. I think she search using my email and it leads her to my tomorrow.sg profile which links here.

Actually, there are many ways to find this blog. Hyperink thru friends and colleagues etc etc.

I didn’t go around distributing my blog. Not that I mind people reading it. But I don’t see the need to go around distributing it.

I know there are quite a number of people reading my blog. Some are complete strangers, some are friends and some are colleagues. I don’t mind those who know me personally reading my blog. But the least you can do is to tell me that you are reading it or drop me a note or something.

Many times I find people knowing about stuff that I only mentioned in my blog. My only explaination is either he/she is reading my blog or someone reads it and told him/her abt it. Somehow I find it weird. You know me personally right? If you see my blog, wouldn’t it be politically correct to at least tell me that you are reading my blog frequently? So that at least I know you are reading.

Why are you lurking in my blog?

Let me know if you are reading this blog. Post a comment here. Thanks.

**Posted on 20 Aug 2006 12:28PM**


  1. May I remind u this…

    Limpei dun lurk, just sometimes buay song to leave comment….

    can or not??

    dun leave comment also must explain isit??

  2. I’m not refering to you lah. Anyway, I know you know the existance of my blog.

    I’m refering to those who know my blog URL but prefer to keep mum abt it.

    Anyway, find myself rather stupid as those people most prob won’t even reveal themselves.

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