Bad day at work

Having a bad day at work today.

Lazy to write the full story. But to summerise:-
1) If the usual practice is A, don’t bother asking why not do B UNLESS your B has advantage over A. But your B clearly has no advantage. So why bother looking at whether B can be use or not. And nobody tired B before and nobody knows if your B works or not. A has been tried and tested many times and is 100% confirm working. So why should I waste my time to test B when it has totally no value add?

Maybe because B is your idea and your ego refuse to admit that it is a useless idea.

2) If the testing is supposed to be testing on C, don’t go and test D and come ask me why the result you got from D is not what you expecting. We are testing C, D already tested long time ago and pass testing already. If there is an issue, it is most likely your test case is wrong. If you don’t believe that your test case is wrong, go ask the developer for D. I wrote the code for C, not D.

In the end, I’m left with no choice but to look at D to find that it is your stupid test case that is wrong.

Going home now. I’ll be back in office in 12 hour time to face all your nonsense again…. argh….

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