Coronation Plaza

It has been 3 months since we moved to the new office. The only thing I miss about the old office is the short traveling time and the food there.

Especially the food at Coronation Plaza. After nagging at T for months, he finally give in and drive to coronation plaza for lunch today.

The aunty was very delighted when she saw us coming. We chatted for awhile. Business was bad since our company shifted away. Most of their customers are from our company. Hope they can survive.

I ordered BBQ chicken rice initially. Actually, they don’t have BBQ chicken on their menu. They only have lemon chicken, which is fried chicken cutlet with lemon sauce. But I always request it to change to the BBQ sauce they use for their chicken chop. That is my BBQ chicken rice. Haha.

T ordered kumpong fried rice and changed the chicken wings to BBQ chicken. Eeerr… isn’t that better? Cause BBQ chicken is white rice. So I change my order the same as his.

Their kumpong fried rice is still the best. The BBQ chicken also taste great.

Miss the food there. Miss the good time we had there.
Hope to go back again.

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