I always "don't open my mails" one

My dad is always the person who opens the mailbox since he reaches home earliest. He always place it on the side table and we will check if we got new mails once in a while.

I admit, I check my singnet email more frequent than I check the snail mail. But which IT savvy guy 20+ year old male doesn’t? I do check the snail mail maybe once every two or three days. Anyway, my snail mail will usually be bills and junk mails. So why the hurry?

Anway, few days ago, I had a short conversation with my dad when I just reach home from work.

Dad: You got mails. You everytime don’t open your mails one.

*I thought I just checked for new mails yesterday???*

Me: I got mails meh? When come 1?
Dad: Today.
Me: -_-”’

I just reach home and haven’t even finish taking off my shoes yet.


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