The lost "Martial Arts"

Got a request sometime early this month. It has been a long time since anyone raise such request. The usual people who did this request has already left the company. So I’m left to handle the request with my sub teamlead.

At first, we thought it is just a normal request with slightly different way of coding. As usual, we emailed the request to another teams in the project to check if this request will have any impact on their items and if they need to take any actions. They said no.

So we thought we just need to do some normal codings on our side.

We thought wrong.

When I submit the documentation to the requester, she told me that we did it differently from the previous guy. I was kinda surprised because I’m sure my way is correct. Unless there is some hidden requirements that I’m unaware of.

Dig thru tons of documentation and managed to find a tester who is involved in the in the previous request. After talking to her, I finally discovered what when wrong. There is another special requirements for such request. Even the requester is unaware of this special requirement.

A few other teams need to do amendments to their codings for this hidden requirements. They didn’t know it in the begining as those people involved in this request has also left. So when the requirements comes in, we all thought it is a normal request. We are all wrong.

So the bunch of us dig thru all the badly done documentations and finally found out exactly what needs to be done.

But we missed the deadline.


It is not that we don’t have a proper handover session when someone is leaving.

But the thing is, when someone leave, they always bring along a part of the knowledge with them. Not that they purposely don’t want to impart the knowledge. But it is impossible for someone to impart his akk his skill and knowledge. There will surely be something that they missed out.

This is what I call the lost “Martial Arts”.

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