Collections of army short story part 1

As per normal

Usually, reservist reporting timing is 7:30am. Not sure why is it 7am this time. But those who reach earlier have to wait as the in-processing centre is not open yet. They open around 6:50am. Heard from those usual early bird that in the past, when the reporting timing is 7:30am, the in-processing centre also opens at around 6:50am too.

Conclusion: We come early, they still as per normal.


Wear number four too long cannot think

After in-processing, we proceed to our company line with our heavy bags. The NSF SGT told us to go armstoke to draw our arms first before going up our bunks on 2nd floor. Some of us suggested bringing our bags up to the bunk first before going to draw arms, but was rejected. The SGT say we can put our bags at level 1, go draw arms then go up. Lazy to talk logic to those who wear number four uniform for too long.

The bag already very heavy liao. Still go draw arms to add more weight, then go upstair?


NSmen don’t need follow TSR

Had a parade first thing in the morning follow by a 3km route march. It was a rather short one. But for the sake of grumbling, many people voice out that they didn’t have 7hours of sleep the night before. Didn’t have water parade the night before. Didn’t have physical conditioning etc etc etc. But we still went on with the route march dispite not meeting the TSR. (Training Safety Regulation?) Won’t die lah.

Overheard someone saying: Eh, you walk orchard road need 7hours of sleep and water parade the night before or not?


The wonder of number four uniform

The number four uniform is a wonderful piece of clothing. I’m not refering the design. I’m refering to the effects it does to the person wearing it. When you put on your number four uniform, you discovered that you suddenly speak lots of dialect. You can swear with many complicated words that you seldom use in daily life. You can sit down or even sleep at any place no matter how dirty the floor is.

The only side-effect: Your brain stop working.


Endurance sleep

The easiest way to past time during reservist is to sleep. And seriously, you don’t get to sleep that much during your normal working days. Think I clocked 10 hours of sleep for the first day of reservist EXCLUDING the nap that I had in the afternoon.

End up with a terrible headache the next day. Getting weaker now. Used to be able to sleep whole afternoon and night during army time without having any problems.


More to come…..

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