Collections of army short story part 2

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First and last meal always taste the best

We had western food for lunch on the first day. Deep fried 1/2 spring chicken together with whip potato and some vegetable. The lunch on the last day was great too. Fried rice with satay and chicken wing.

For the rest of the days, the food between the level of average and not nice. Everyone been saying SFI food is a lot better than in the past when soldiers are cooks too. I agree that the food is better.

But better doesn’t means taste good.


Paper-less and stapler-less

Was assigned to photocopy some lesson material for the whole paltoon. Thought it is suppose to be an easy job once I located the photocopy machine. I was wrong.

Locating the photocopy machine is easy. But the problem is, no paper. Went to a lot of branches to beg/borrow/steal paper. Finally got enough paper to photocopy the materials for my paltoon.

Then another problem….. No stapler. No joke. The ENTIRE NS battlion don’t have a single stapler.


Electronic IPPT

There will surely be a IPPT during in camp training. They put up electronic sensor at all the stations now.

There is a sensor that detect how far you jump for standing board jump. No more dispute on shoes got touch line or not since they don’t put line on the mat now.

There is a sensor to count how many sit ups you did. You just tie you feet to the ground and do the situp. No more buddy system. No more cheating.

The timer for shutter run will only start after you run pass the startline. No more false start or timer pressing the stopwatch too fast/slow. And instead of using block, you touch a sensor. No need people to remove the block when you go for the 2nd round.

There is a sensor that help you count the number of chinups. No need for someone to count behind you.

2.4km run also have a sensor that track your timing.


Might as well don’t give

Not sure which smart alex grant the permission for the whole company to go for nights off on Tuesday night. But need to wait till after last parade. And must book in before 2359.

Last parade was at 8 plus. That place very ulu, go out also take at least 30minutes.

This kind of privilage, might as well don’t give.


Equipment getting heavier?

Our equipments are rather heavy actually, but we are kinda used to the weight during NSF times. But we haven’t carry them for quite some time already. Everything seems heavier.

Carry the equipment and went on a 3km fast march outfield. Everyone went out of breath after the march.

I told my paltoonmates: How come they added new components into our equipment? Seems a lot heavier.


NSmen work the fastest when….

Return to camp from outfield at around 4am. Got alot of stores on the tonner. Suddenly, everyone work extra fast. In a matter of a few minutes, everything has been unloaded and washed.

NSmen work the fastest when exercise cut.


Still got more to come…..

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