Handle Bar

Went Handle Bar with the JR gang again. Haven’t been there for nearly 4 months already.

They finally gotten themselves a menu. The front of the menu is a picture of a woman’s backside wearing thongs. Nice. How I wish I could still one and hang it on my wall.

Basically, the prices has all gone up and the portion has gone down.
The fish & chips is still the best. Only at smaller portion.

Hong Jia finally tried the beer butt chicken. We were told that we need to wait 1 hour for the chicken to be ready. Since we got nothing to do, we waited….. and waited…… and waited…..

It didn’t look fantastic. We were expecting something “wow-ful”. And strangely, it is just half chicken. Where did the other half go?

Think Hong Jia will order the usual Fish & Chips on the next visit.

I had some beer while waiting for Hong Jia to finish the chicken that came 1 hour later than our food. Now I understand why the ang moh likes to drink beer after a meal. It sort of destress you after a long day of work in office.

I only drank 1 pint as I need to drive.

Thanks Hong Jia for the treat. 😀


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