Last Dance

**Had wanted to post this last week but was too busy with other stuff.**

Last saturday was my last Salsa lesson at Jitterbugs. It was fun learning salsa. Thanks to Glen and Geri for making the class so interesting. Really enjoyed myself.

The last dance at Jitterbugs was horrible. OK, they wanted to give us a challenge and played a very fast song for us to dance with. It was so fast, you don’t have much time to react. All you can remember is the basic step. Managed a few basic right turns and crossovers but the tempo is too fast for those more complicated moves.

Would had enjoyed the last dance more if it is a slower music. How I wish I was better in Salsa so that I can enjoy dancing to such fast music.

Think I need more practice. Thinking of doing basic again so that I can fine tune my moves before going forward to the next level. Maybe I should look out for my company’s recreation club for new classes.

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