Explaining myself

Recieved an email from my subteam lead asking me to provide another colleague some figures. Totally lost because nothing was mentioned before hand.

And the email he send didn’t say anything, it just say “Pls provide the ID to XXX”. So I read the whole email below from beginning to end. I wasn’t in the loop at all. Got some info of what is suppose to do after reading all the emails, but there are part where they use telephone to commucate and I am clueless about what was the arrangements.

I emailed to my subteam lead and he said that he already mentioned to me before last week. I’m sure he didn’t. So I walk over to my sub teamlead’s desk and ask him for more details. He told me briefly about the requirements and said that he emailed to me last wednesday.

I’m quite sure he didn’t because if he did, I would have at least the slightest idea what the whole issue is about. So I went thru my inbox and try searching for the email. Nothing came out. I look at all the email send to me last wednesday. Nothing. I look at all the email he send to me. Still nothing.

He could had forgotten to tell me about it. And mistakenly thought that he did.

But then, how do I explain to him that he really didn’t inform me? Show him my outlook? But what for? So what if I managed to proof that he didn’t send me the email? What am I trying to proof?

Sometimes, there is just no need to explain some things.

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