I'm fine.

I’m fine.

Thanks to all who has sms/emailed/msn me recently. Really touched by your care and concern. Its nice to know that I still have some friends. 😀


T ask if I’m the serial cat abuser in Jurong. He thought I might vent my anger on little animals. Haha….

Please…. serial cat abuser? You got to be kidding.
If there is a serial rapist in Jurong, maybe its me. Cat abuser? You must be kidding.


S scare that I might do foolish things like jump onto the road with oncoming traffic while I’m doing my jogging. Haha…..

If I want to commit sucide, I would had done that few weeks ago. And hor, if you read back my blog, I always post picture of road that I’m running. And they are always beside the main road.


Strangely, a few blogger that I read frequently are also encountering relationship problem lately. Is it the season for breakups?


A lot of things I want to say, yet I’m too tired of blogging them out.

I may had blog a lot this few days, but there are still a lot of posting that I delete away after writing half way.

So what if I managed to proof my point? So what if I manage to let you see from my point of view? So what if I manage to let you understand that your conclusion about me is wrong?

All these won’t change anything. So why do I still bother explaining myself? Besides, I doubt anything I said will change your mind.


I always believe that there should be a time for someone to fall down and breakdown. We are not superhuman. We all have emotions. And we can’t bottle up our problems as if nothing happen. If the problem is too great, we should allow ourselves to breakdown and cry sometimes.

But there is also a time to get back on your feets and move on.

I’m trying to stand up after that blow. I haven’t fully get back to my feets yet, but I know I will.


Oh ya…. I’m just kidding about the serial rapist part. If there is really a serial rapist in Jurong, its not me hor!


  1. Remember this … when you hit the ground, you must remember to bounce back.
    This makes it different from a zero to a hero 🙂

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