Reading back

Sometimes, I would go back and read what I wrote in the past on my blog. My blog has become a online diary. Recording my feelings and thoughts.


I stumble upon this posting that I wrote back in Feb 06. That was the time when I was chasing her. It was the 1st time I wrote a whole blog posting in chinese. Took a long time to write it and had some errors with were quickly pointed out by my friends.

Till today, I still stand by the thought that 适合是一种爱造成的感觉.


Indeed, love is something powerful. It can change a person or accept a person.
Perhaps, the reason why this relationship fails is because love is not strong enough.
Not because we are not suitable for each other.


There was another posting that I wrote back in Jan 06. It was written during the time when I was trying to forget Z.

It has been 9 months already. Yet the so called change that I said I wanted to do wasn’t done yet. I’m still making the same mistakes.

Perhaps I should really sit down and reflect upon myself one day.


I know, 1 day I’ll be reading back at all these blog posting I posted. Relive the feelings that I’m experiencing now.

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