Nephew on drip

My little nephew had a bad diarrhea and vomit last night. Sis sent him to hospital and doctor say he need to stay in hospital overnight for observation. He is dehydrated and doctor put him on drip.

He is just 3 years old. I remember the first time I was on drip was during army when I had a very high fever. The injection is quite painful. But the worst part is having the needle stay on your arm for few hours for the drip. You have to restrict your arm movements. It is very uncomfortable. Hate the feeling.

But the drip is good for the body. At the age of 20, I can understand. But how do you explain to a little boy at the age of 3 that the drip is for his dehydration? How do we explain to him that he needs to bear with the uncomfortable needle until he recover? We can’t.

He was still quite ok when the doctor gave him the injection in the afternoon. Sis put him on his bed and make sure he went to sleep before going to the canteen to pack her lunch back to the ward. But when she return, my nephew is gone! It appears that he has pulled out the needle himself and went searching for my sis when she was away for 5 minutes. I bet sis must be shocked when she came back to see a empty bed with the needle on the floor.

Sis found him few room down the corridor looking at a computer monitor. Another computer addict.

After that, it was impossible to get him to put on drip again. He knew the pain and the uncomfortness of the drip. He keep repeating that he doesn’t want the needle. Doctor have no choice but to let him be. But he keep vomiting out the food and drink he took. So in the evening, the doctor is left with no choice but to put him on drip again.

So his mother, grandma, great grandma, my dad, the doctor and me tried our best to coax. Assuring him that it will not be painful. Telling him that sick boy must go for injection. Promising him Superman design handyplast. Even told him to beat the doctor if it hurts.

Finally, after more than 5 minutes of bargaining, he finally hold the doctors hand and went to counter for the injection. He cried after the injection. Which 3 year old boy doesn’t?

After putting on the drip, he went to sleep. Sis is staying in hosptial overnight to company him. Think he won’t pull the needle out again this time.

Hope he recover fast.

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