Gan Jiong Tester

Got a call from a very gan jiong tester today.

The tester wanted me to help check why is there an error for 1 item that my colleague is doing. She wasn’t at her desk at the moment and the tester wanted the result urgently.

It is very difficult to talk on the phone and type on the keyboard at the same time. Esp when the person on the other line is very gan jiong and keep asking why this and that is happening when you are helping her to check.

So I decided to ask her to put down the phone so that I can check in peace and get back to her shortly.

Me: There alot of things need to check. Can I check and call you back later.
Gan Jiong Tester: This is very urgent. You call me back now.
Me: -_-”’

If I have to call you back NOW, then why do I put down the phone in the first place?

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