Meeting Marathon

Went on a meeting marathon.

Thur 0930 to 1230
Thur 1630 to 1900
Fri 0930 to 1200
Fri 1400 to 1600

Didn’t get to do my work. Just meeting, meeting, meeting and meeting.
And we are not done yet. More to come next week.


The meeting is about a project team handing over their stuff to us. They spend 1 1/2 year on this project and its finally done. Now they are handing over the stuff they did to my team.

I really don’t understand why they agreed to some of the user requirements. In the end, too many stuff will be handled by us. A small change will impact a lot of area. And we will need to remember where to update for every change.

Maybe they are left with no choice but to accept those requirements. Maybe some of the requirements can be drop or changed. Maybe some of the responsibilites can be shifted to other team. I don’t know. But its too late to say anything now. Everything has been finalized.

It is a minefield waiting for someone to make an error.

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