Ghost City


Suntec is like a ghost city now. Rather empty for a Saturday night. Think the road block and extra security check is causing everyone to shun that area. But not me.

Have you ever seen Kenny Rogers queue-less on a Saturday dinner hour? I never. Actually wanted to have some fast food for dinner since I’m alone. But decide to try the queue-less Kenny Rogers. Hey, its something new ok.


What happen to the 16k delegates from IMF?

Shouldn’t Suntec be crowded if there are 16k delegates? Nope.
It seems like these people are too busy having their meeting that they don’t even shop. Saw quite a number of people in suits walking around. But no shopping bags in their hands.

Some shops even give special discount to IMF delegates. Ranging from 10% to 20% discount. Crap. Why only to IMF delegates? Why not to everyone? Anyway, the delegates are not buy anything either.

Look like the shops around Suntec area are not benifiting from the IMF meeting.


OK, another bunch of NS policemen walk pass me as I’m slipping my cafe mocha at Millenia Walk Starbucks. There are quite alot of them around here. But seriously, I wonder what can they do if terrorist strike.


Oh ya…. regarding the 4 million smile thingy. Its a misrepresentation. There is no 4 million smile to welcome the delegates. It all bull shits and lies.

I don’t see 4 million smiles. I don’t even see 400 smiles. Maybe only 4. And that is nowhere near to the 4 million smile.

Perhaps there is nothing much to smile about lately.

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