What car you drive, what house you live, what Uni you go?


“Nowadays people look at what car you drive, what house you live in, what university you go to”

This dialog still linger inside my mind after walking out of the cinema.

What car you drive?
I still remember a conversation with a friend of mine many years back. His family had 2 car, a Merc and a Toyota. Once, he drove his dad’s Merc to visit his friend who is staying in condo. The security guard didn’t even stop the car or ask him who is he visiting. He just open the gate and let him in.

Few days later, he drove his mum’s Toyata to the same friend’s house. The same security guard stop the car and ask the usual question like which house unit and who he is visiting. He only open the gate after taking down the car license plate number.

What house you live?
We always have this thinking that people who stay in condo or banglow are rich and more gracious. How true is that?

Remember the Joo Chiat incident?

What University you go?
In office, whenever some colleagues did something stupid, we would always ask, which university they go to. It was meant to be a joke actually. But the joke exist because there is this mentality that some University produce better students. Just like some top primary school and secondary always produce good student, that why every strive to go to those school.

Have it ever occured to you that it is not because these school have good lecturer or good module structure? It is because all the smarter student choose those University, that why you them ‘producing’ smart students?

And not all students produce by those top university are good workers.
Our ‘survey’ shows that NUS and NTU produce a fair share of cockanaden workers. Its not the university that matters. Its the person studying in it.

But not many employers can see that.


Why should someone be judged by the car they drive, the house they live and the university they go to?

Shouldn’t it be the charater that matter most?

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  1. That’s the problem with us, human beings. We have the tendency to judge a book by its cover. So we also judge people based on their looks. Only God alone knows the true character of a person. We can’t judge a person’s character just by his outward appearance, can we? 🙂

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