Black Earphone

HongJia introduce me to this guy who is selling cheap Sony Ericsson Accessories at HWZ. His pricing is really good.

Wanted to get a new earphone to replace my 1 year old HPM-70 earphone. Been using too very frequently until the connector is getting abit loose and the wire is breaking. Saw that he is selling the exact model at $30! When I got my earphone, it was selling at $68. He also have this black edition which he is selling at $35.

So I got the black HPM-70 earphone from him. Met him at Yishun MRT today after work. Very nice guy. Chatted for awhile. He advice me not to get the Bluetooth Headset HBH-DS970 since I already got the earphone and bluetooth earpiece. But then, I’m still pretty tempted to get it. He is selling it at $150. Outside is selling around $180. Still considering….

The new earpiece is exactly the same as my previous earphone, except it is black in colour instead of grey. And there is no packaging. He say he got the stock directly from Sony Ericsson. These set were suppose to be place inside new phones, i think. That why there is no packaging. Don’t worry. They are not fakes. If they are fakes, then those guys had done a very very good job.

The black earpiece match my black K800i well. 😀


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