Contingency plan

Heard from a colleague who just came out of a meeting regarding some data migration schedule. The migration is suppose to be on a weekend. Quite a big hoo-ah event. And like normal kiasu Singapore company, there is always some contingency plan for those unforseeable events.

The funniest contingency plan is in the event of a power failure.
Option A: Everyone move their own PC to HQ. But HQ has limited space.
Option B: Everyone move their own PC to another office building. But that building doesn’t belongs to our company, therefore Air Con is charged by per hour.

I was laughing all the way. This guy really kiasu until plan for power failure!! And he even got the time to check the cost of using the other office building.

Its a waste to SAF that this guy never go sign on army.


But actually, his contingency plan is not very well done. A lot of events not covered by his contigency plan.

Let me quote a few example:

1) Event of whole Singapore power failure.
2) Event of Terrorist attack. Hijack a 747 and crash into our office building.
3) Event of Bird Flu outbreak.
4) Event of flooding.
5) Event of Typhoon.
6) Event of Earthquake.
7) Event of Tsunami.
8) Event of a undead raising from the grave.
9) Event of Alien Invasion.
10) Event of **Insert ridiculous event here**

Since you already plan for power failure, why not plan for the remaining items too?


Nobody say die die must migrate the data on that weekend what. If really so unlucky got power failure, then postpone to the other weekend lor. By the time you managed to move all the PC to another office building and set up properly, I think power would had already resumed.


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