Your Leave Application Has Been Approved

I always apply leave for my birthday if it falls on a weekday. To me, birthday is a special day which I think I should be enjoying and not be in office working my arse for that payslip.

So I applied leave for my birthday this year. My teamlead approved my leave without question as he always does. He doesn’t know that it is my birthday, neither did he notice that I always took leave on that day every year.

But when I saw the email saying my leave has been approved, somehow, I got this sense of emptiness. What am I going to do with that 1 day of leave in the middle of the week? Why did I even took leave that day?

In the past, I would have a rough idea of what to do like going to east coast myself to enjoy the sea breeze or go shopping alone in town area. This year, I have none. Its not that I didn’t plan for anything. Just that all my plans have to change now.

Just 1 month ago, I thought I would have someone celebrating my birthday with me on that day. Its amazing how fast things changes.

2 more weeks to my birthday, and I’m not looking forward to it.

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