Chasing that D

Bump into my director at the lift while on my way out. We chatted for the 2nd time in my 3 1/2 yr working in the company.

Dir: heard from your teamlead that you are taking a course.
Me: ya. In fact I’m to going school now.
Dir: what course you taking?
Me: degree in IT at UniSIM.
Dir: UniSIM? Is it a private school?
Me: nope, we just became the 4th university in Singapore.

By then, the lift door open and i said goodbye to her and left.

Somehow, the conversation spark me into deep thinking again.

You already know my abilities at work. I am already doing the same things that other degree holder are doing. Yet i am still a JO not because my skill is not there, but because i am just holding a diploma.

And the stuff i’m studying now is totally unrelated to my work. Getting that degree does not improve my skillset at work, but strangely, it will promise me promotion and better pay. Sometimes I find myself doing this degree just for sake of getting that piece of paper. I’m not gaining much new knowedge. In IT, you just need the basics and build on the area of expersties at work. So what am i studying?

While everyone is chasing that 5Cs, i am here chasing that D. Curse myself for playing too much when young.

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