Bouncing back

I think I’m more or less back to my usual self.

Starting to find back my laughter and smiles. Constantly ‘ka jiao-ing’ my colleagues whenever I got the chance. Finding back my usual self.

And it is always your the darkest hour when you really see true friends. Perhaps because they are the only lightsource you can depend on when everything gone wrong. Its nice to have T and Z around to hear my complaints. The things that I couldn’t blog down but need a revenue to release them out. Thanks for being there for me.

Trying to expand my social circle lately. Making new friends and meeting old friends. And also finding some time for myself like enjoying a nice cup of cooling ultimate ice blended from coffee bean. Life is great.


I bump into her at Orchard just now. Chatted for a while before going about doing our own stuff.

I always believe that couples still can be friends after breaking up. Its going to be a bit uncomfortable in the beginning. But I think after awhile, we can still become friends like we used to be.


Perhaps you really need to fall down hard and hit the floor before you can bounce back.

But I still got 2 bottle of hoegaarden in the fridge. Damn. Bounce back too early.

Nah, not going to keep them for the next time when I break down. Maybe I’ll open them one of these days when chilling out.


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