1gb of MP3, Photos and Joy

Finally got a 1gb M2 card. T searched the entire Sim Lim Sq on Thur during his leave and found a store selling at $122. Thx a lot. The salesperson said this could be the last piece of M2 left in Sim Lim Sq. I believe him. There is really a shortage of 1gb M2 card in Singapore.

Survived that 256mb card for 3 weeks. It was a torture. I can never remember how did I live with 256mb MMC card when I was using my Nokia 6230 2 years ago. Can’t squeeze too many MP3, can’t take many pictures. How did I live on that 256mb for 1 year and survived?

Its good to have 1gb M2. Can store lots of MP3 and photos and other fun stuff like games and themes. Actually, I feel that 1gb also not enough. Got lots of MP3 that I want to carry around with me. And I like to takes photos. 1gb will run out in no time.
If only they have 2gb M2. Or 4gb….. hahahaha…..

Selling my 256mb M2 @ $30

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