Mid-Autumn Festival is coming. I don’t need to buy mooncakes home because my dad usually buys them. He need to use them as offering to god. We get to eat the mooncakes after that.

Mooncakes are usually used as gift to elders. Every year during this season, if I have a girlfriend, I’ll buy a box for gift to her parents.

I still remember 6 years ago. My girlfriend at that time bought mooncake as gift for my father. My father was kinda surprised. Both my sister’s boyfriend never give him mooncakes before. Dad merely make a simple remark “How come last time nobody give us mooncakes?” And my 2 sister’s bf send mooncakes to my dad few days later. That year, we had the most mooncakes ever at home.

Ever since that year, my sister’s bf would give my dad a box of mooncake during this season. Funny, but true. If she never give my dad a box of mooncake that year, I think till now, none of my sister’s bf would give my dad mooncakes.

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