Last minute

Suppose to have a meeting this morning. The meeting was postpone from last wednesday. The meeting is suppose to start at 9:30 am. But the guy send an email to everyon at 9:27am telling us that he wish to postpone the meeting to afternoon.

I already gotten my notes ready and was about to leave for the meeting room.

Nevermind. Then when afternoon came, the guy didn’t show up. I didn’t go to the meeting room first because the meeting room is visible from my table. I carry on doing my stuff while waiting for that guy. He email to us again 10 minutes later saying he need to postpone the meeting yet again as he has some urgent bugs that he need to fix.

I do understand that he is busy. But the least he could do is tell us earlier if he wish to postpone the meeting. And not do it last minute.


Got an ‘urgent’ request this morning from my sub teamlead. Need to finish by end of the day. I was looking at the request. Timing is not an issue. We finish today or finish by friday makes no difference. There is no impact at all even if we don’t do. So why the hurry?

But no, die die must do it by today. I wonder did I make any careless mistake while rushing that request.

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