On course

Got a very short and simple email from my teamlead few days ago.

Email: Pls goto intranet and register for this course. Thx.

Really short and simple. So simple that it took me around 10 seconds to understand that he is sending me on course. YIPPIE!!!

Went to intranet to register for the course. There are 3 time slot available. Mid Oct, Mid Nov and Mid Dec.

Mid Oct: I’m on duty.
Mid Nov: I have exams.
Mid Dec: I’m free.

So the choice is pretty obvious. I choose to attend the mid Oct course lah! Mid Dec too late already. What if they suddenly cancel the course? Got course must go fast. Cannot wait. Duty can exchange with other people, course more important. 😀

But here comes the weird part…. Why am I going for a J2EE course when my team doesn’t require J2EE? And its not that I requested for the course. The last time I went to PL/SQL course is because I choose that course when my teamlead ask which course I’m interested in. But this time its different. Surely he has some plans for me.

I tried asking him but he didn’t say much. Didn’t say why send me to J2EE course. Didn’t say what plans he has for me that require me to go for J2EE course. All he said is I’ll still be in his team.

So why is he sending me to a J2EE course?
Does he have a new project on hand that requires J2EE?
Or is he going to transfer me to another team that requires J2EE?
Or he sending me for J2EE course just for the sake of sending me on course?

Anyway, thanks boss. 😀


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