Damn Sinful dinner

**Warning: Contains lots of food pictures**

Went to this place call G7 Sinma live seafood for dinner. We ordered quite a lot of food. Didn’t finish all the food. Could hardly move after eating.

The kangkong is normal. Nothing special about it.

We had ginger and onion deer meat on hotplate. Not bad. The meat quite tender.

Then we had this frog legs which I forgot what they call it already. It taste really good. No wonder they had a picture of a frog on their signboard.

Then come the killer. Buttered crab with salted egg. Wah piang. Crab is already high cholesterol already. Then you cook it with salted eggs!!! And the dish is damn big lor. VERY SINFUL.

I need to go for a jog.

The food there not bad. Maybe one day bring my family there for dinner. 😀
Don’t play play ok. They got website too.

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