Island Creamery

Went to Island Creamery at Serene Centre after that sinful dinner. Well, since we had a sinful dinner, might as well carry on with some sinful Ice Cream. 😀

Heard of this place quite some time ago. In fact, it is rather near my old office and we used to go serene centre’s McDonalds for lunch and happen to pass by the shop.

They have quite a few interesting flavors. Saw Apple Pie and teh terik flavor. Wow.
Wanted to have Apple Pie and a chocolate flavor which I forgotten the name. So Audrey and Shanshan go queue up while Ander and I chop the seat.

They didn’t ordered the ice cream that I wanted. Instead, the got me a mudpie and put a candle on top of it. It has been quite a while since I last blow off a candle on a cake. Thanks a lot.

BUT HOR…. I still wanna eat the ice cream leh. Go Island Creamery how can don’t eat the ice cream? Actually hor, Ice Cream also can put candle on top one right? Hahaha…. Ok, I know its a bit the funny.

So when we going Island Creamery again? I want to try the apple pie flavor ice cream. 😀

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