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Just wondering, am I the only IBM T43 user that is very happy that my sony battery is being recalled?

I read a few people writting in their blog saying they are lucky that their battery are not in the recall list. But why? What is wrong with being recalled?

You see, the performance of a laptop battery start to deteriorate after more than a year of usage. Its good to change a new battery after around 2 years of usage. I’m glad I get to change a new one for free after 1 1/2 yr.

What more, the battery replacement didn’t affect me at all. All I need was to call up Lenovo, give them my serial number and stuff. They deliver the new battery to my doorstep.

If only they would give me a fully charged battery next time so that I can start using straight away. The new battery they gave me is only 30% charged and can last for roughly 1hr. Oh well…. I shouldn’t be too demanding.

Thanks Sony. Thanks Lenovo/IBM.
I’m one happy thinkpad user. 😀

PS: I’m wondering…. 1 year down the road, will Sanyo also experience similar issue and recall all their battery too? Hahaha…. Fat hope!!

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