Visit to Pitstop Cafe

I FINALLY visited pitstop cafe today. Went there with Ander, Audrey and Shanshan.

Wah piang. That place is open for nearly one year already lor. And I’ve been wanting to go there long time ago, but never got the chance to do so. So when Shanshan suggested going boardgame cafe, my first respond was “Go pitstop Cafe!!”

But why pitstop when there are other boardgame cafe too? Strictly speaking, all of them should be more or less the same. Right? Well, true in some sense. But somehow, there is something different about pitstop cafe. Maybe because I read their blog every now and then. Somehow, I feel that they are more friendly than the other boardgame cafe I’ve been to. And their wall are filled with photos and writings. We didn’t contribute to the wall this time. Maybe next time we’ll leave a marking or something. hee hee.

Anyway, we played 2 rounds of blokus. Its a nice game. Rather competitive especially when you have 4 players. I don’t know why but the 3 of them seems to like to block me alot. NOT FAIR LOR. They even teach each other how to block me. Wah piang.

Then we change to a card game call swap (or something like that). Quite boring game. Seems like a spin off from UNO. In fact, I think we can use UNO cards to play that game. Haha. Could had been more fun if there are more power cards or something. We stop after one round.

Then we tried Ticket to Ride. Great game. But I think we are stil very new to the game, that why we didn’t sabo each other much. All we did was to concentrate on our own mission. Maybe next time go there play again.

Had a great time at Pitstop Cafe. Too bad we need to go dinner. Else would had stayed for another round of Ticket to Ride.

We go again next time k? 😀


  1. hey thanks for dropping by. i believe i am the one teaching your group ticket to ride, glad that you guys enjoy the game. You guys never took the picture right? Next time must take ok, we need to capture your souls so that you will come back again…hahaa

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