Singapore Dreaming won


Congrats to Yen and Colin for winning the Montblanc New Screenwriters Award

Hope this win will means that the cinema operators will show Singapore Dreaming for a few more weekends. Hope more Singaporeans will support this show. It is really a good show. I didn’t get paid to say this. In fact, I paid them so that I can say this. (For the movie ticket lah)

Speaking of Singapore Dreaming. I was having a conversation with T during lunch time and talking about some of the interesting scene from Singapore Dreaming. Another colleague said she was surprised that we 2 actually watch Singapore Dreaming. She said we don’t look like those type that will watch Singapore Dreaming.

How do those viewers of Singapore Dreaming look like huh?
Then she say we look like these type that will go watch Miami Vice.

Eh…. I from Singapore leh. Not Miami….

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