Fighting the body

Think I ate too much good food lately. That why I woke up on Wednesday feeling sick. Indigestion to be more exact. It must be the Country Fried Steak from Seah St Deli. Or the potato skin. Or is it the NYDC mudpie?

I still went to work dispite feeling sick. Partly because I have some stuff that need to be completed by friday. Another reason is because I have a dinner appointment at fullerton later that night that I don’t wish to miss. That why I tried to push on dispite feeling uncomfortable.

I’m always lucky to get a seat on MRT at Jurong East. The train only gets crowded when it reaches woodlands. And as always, there are some old folks on the train without seat. Usually, I will offer my seat to them. But that day, I wish someone would do me a favor and offer his/her seat to the old man. Really not feeling well and need to sit down and rest. But sad to say, nobody offered their seats. So I offered my seat to a old gentleman and move to the side of the train where it is less crowded. Feel like vomitting thru out the journey. Deep inside my mind, I was already planning where to puke in order to cause the least damage. I’m glad I didn’t need to put my plan into use.

Bought a bottle of Eno. This is the first time in my life that I drank Eno. It does helps a bit. But I was still feeling quite uncomfortable. The body seems like fighting a war inside. I seem to be on the losing end.

Many time, I feel like surrendering, go see a doctor and take MC. But I kept asking myself to push on. Didn’t manage to complete much work. And I discovered today that I actually made a few careless mistakes while attempting to work when sick. Luckily it is still in testing phrase.

Rested for a while at my desk after lunchtime. Somehow, it doesn’t seem to help much. The rest only made my body feel weaker. At least its comforting that a colleague walk over to ask if I’m alright. Thanks.

The mind keep asking myself to give up the battle and go back home. But I didn’t. Made countless trip to the toilet. The toilet cleaner must have discovered a sudden increase in the usage of toilet paper. But I still managed to last thru the day and attend the dinner talk. I had steak at the dinner. And to make things worst, I ordered a glass of red wine. Come on, how can I have steak without red wine?

I really thought that I would fall sick today. Already mentally prepared to see the doctor in the morning. But I was rather surprised that I woke up feeling much better.

The fight with the body is over. I’m glad I’ve won.


  1. the toilet cleaner says ‘ah di, can aim or not? lao sai until splatter here n there! u think cleanin toilet very fun ah? dun tekan leh!’

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