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My director pass me my birthday card yesterday afternoon.

It is one of those HR policy. Every staff will get a birthday card and a meal voucher. During my first year, it was a McDonalds extra value meal voucher. Still ok. My 2nd and 3rd year was Deli France sandwich voucher. Strictly sandwich meal. Cannot change to other item even if you offer to top up the cash difference. I couldn’t believe HR gave us Deli France voucher for 2 consecutive year. It was horrible.

This year is burger king voucher. Nothing special.

Heard that the year before I join the company, they gave Coffee Bean voucher. Damn, I should had join the company earlier.


Shanlin gave me a bottle of Hugo Boss Selection Perfume.

Can’t help asking her “Errr…. Got hidden meaning to the present or not?”

Seriously, I’ve been getting a lot of perfume for the past few years as birthday presents. Is it because I have body odor? Or is is nothing else to buy for guys?

I sure hope it the latter.


  1. List of things u can buy for men?
    I’m not expert. and i can only think of such stuffs.

    1. Technology stuffs, eg. anything that needs electricty

    BUT they are always very expensive. Extremely expensive i mean.

    2. Clothes eg. what other things can men wear except shirt, tshirts, pants, jeans?

    I can’t find/think of a decent something-made-of-cloth-to-buy.

    3. Accessories eg. watches, ties, collar pins, necklaces, wallets, key pouches, pens

    Watches are waayy too outta league. U got wear ties and need collar pins meh? Wallet… I think if I buy wrongly, it’ll be chucked somewhere in the corner of the room and collect dust. A decent guy wallet cost round 100 as well. WTH? and… why do i need to bother buying a pen for u when u don’t need it.

    And only till yesterday, i realized can buy underwears. I kinda forgot.

    Perfume seemed like the most budgeted, decent, presentable prezzie to buy eh? Somemore is just launch one, so shld be quite safe la. Hope u like it~ MUST WEAR IT, even if u don’t like the smell.

    In conclusion, guy presents really damn difficult to buy. I don’t look forward to searching presents for men again. Urgh.


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