Connecting with the youth

Ah, my forum nick is appearing all over the blogsphere ever since mrbrown quoted what I wrote in spug. OK, I exaggerated abit. So far only see 2 places mentioning my comment in the forum.

Yes, I am that “dk99 from SPUG”. And I didn’t expect my little comment to be quoted by mrbrown. Suddenly, everyone in blogsphere know my forum nick.

Seriously, what are the P65 thinking? Do they really think it is that easy to connect with the youth? Just by dancing hiphop? If it is really so easy, then all parents should go for hiphop dance class instead of parenting classes.

So does the prison warden need to rob the bank so that they can connect with the prisoners.

I’m perfectly fine if the P65 blog and do hiphop for the fun of it. But if they are doing this for the sake of connecting with the youth, then I tell you, everyone is laughing at how naive you all are. You all think that it is so easy to connect with the youth? Hahahaha…. what a joke.

Seriously, you don’t need to do what the person is doing to connect with them. All you need is to understand them. Listen to them. Give them the chance and freedom to speak up their mind. OK, someone from the forum say its easier to do hiphop than listening to the youth. I hope this is not the reason why the P65 choose hiphop.

Someone said that its about showing that they are not always serious and stern. Come on lah. It doesn’t matter. So long as you listen to the youth, they are connected with you already. You can be stern and serious yet still listening.

Whoever came up with the idea of doing hiphop to show that the P65 are not always serious and stern in order to connect with the youth really need to be shot in the head. Twice. What a stupid idea.

OK, own up, who voted them into office? Confirm not me, cause my GRC walkover-ed during the last election. I wonder if there is any P65 in my GRC. Seriously, I don’t know leh. Never seen them during the election cause my GRC walkover. And ever since the elections, they never appear. Strictly speaking, I don’t even know who is in my GRC now.

Tell me, like that how to connect?

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