Presenting yourself professionally

Went to Fullerton Hotel on Wednesday to attend a dinner talk call “Presenting yourself professionally”. It is a special event organised by Prudential for special customers in their PruPrestige club.

It is nice to be a PruPrestige member . I get discount on items (which I wouldn’t buy). I get priority queues at their customer centre (which I will never need to visit). And above all, I get invited to special events like this. 🙂

There was a little sales talk before the actual main event. They tried to introduce a new investment fund that they had. But sad to say, the speaker didn’t provide enough information. I would be interested if he had touched more about the funds instead of the current market trend. And by the way, according to the speaker, there is no market trend. Perhaps I’ll go find out more about that investment funds later.

The main talk was also badly organised. The speaker mentioned that she usually takes at least 3 hours to give such a talk, but she is only given 45mins that day.

Yet she still tried to cover all the topics. I couldn’t believe she was speeding her way thru some of the important points that you don’t even have time to absorb the information. I understand that it is impossible to complete the topic in mere 45mins. But why didn’t she considered amending the talk so that it will cover less items?

I didn’t gain much information from the talk.

Well, at least I didn’t waste my time there. The food at Fullerton was not bad. The usual tender steak and stuff that you would expect from a 5 star hotel. But the dessert was outstanding. Its been a long time since I had such wonderful chocolate moose. The food presentation was beautiful. Too bad I didn’t take any picture. The place is too formal. I will look very out of place if I whip out my camera phone and start taking picture of the food.

I do need to refresh my memory on the dining etiquette. Haven’t been dining at such formal location for a long time. Completely forgotten where should I place the fork and knife after I finish my meal. Should it be on the plate or on the table.

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