Too many eggs

Dad call me on my handphone and ask me to buy eggs on my way home just now.

I remember I just bought 10 eggs last saturday night. My sis and I took 4 eggs this week. Which means my dad ate 6 eggs within 5 days!!!

I already lost count the number of times we reminded him that he shouldn’t take too much eggs becasue of the high cholesterol. He is already 63 years old and doesn’t exercise at all.

I didn’t buy eggs on my way home. Not that I forgotten, but I purposely don’t buy so that he wouldn’t eat so much eggs. When he asked why I didn’t buy eggs, I told him that he has been taking too much eggs lately. As usual, he got angry and pretend to sleep and not listen to me.

I don’t know how am I going to tell him that too much eggs are not good for health. Taking in moderation is alright, but he is taking way too much. And he just simply refuse to listen. At least for my 3 year old nephew, we can still coax him to go on drip. How do I persuade my dad to reduce his egg intake?


  1. Maybe u can try bluffing ur dad that there’s a very serious bird flu in Malaysia again this time round and so eggs are outrageously expensive due to the shortage. Maybe he will cut down this way. 😛

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