One leads to another

I was playing around with my blog template. Argh…. This stupid blue template has been with me for more than a year already. Time to change.

As I was testing out new blog skins, I started to remember that I had initially wanted to move my blog to another server some time ago.

Quite interesting right? Lah. See See. Haha…. I even registered an account and a domain name with them. Ok, abit lame right. Initially I wanted to use But the domain name is too short. They need at least 4 charaters. Oh well…..

Then I started playing with the account that I’ve registered in Feb 06. Doing some test post and customising the page. Wow…. wordpress is really cool. There are so many features. Why am I still on blogger?

So I explored the wordpress site. And thought…. wouldn’t it be nice if I could host wordpress on my own site instead? So I check out this web hosting site which is recommended by wordpress.

Hmmm…. 50gb disk storage. 6 domains. 2500 IMAP/POP3 email support. All these for USD$6.95 per month. (Err… contract 24months hor.)

Cool huh?

THEN… I ask myself… Do I really need all those for blogging. My own personal domain? Eeerr….. its an issue between need and want. I don’t need it, but I do want it.

Maybe not now. Blogger is still safe…. for now.
I’m going back to making template. What a way to waste the sunday afternoon.

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