The problem that nobody wants to fix

T and I would sometimes go for coffee break after 6pm. As the canteen is already closed, we will go to the vending machine to buy our dose of coffee. It is not this type of vending machine that dispense bottled or can drink. It is those that pour the water in a paper cup type.

Anyway, as I was waiting for the vending machine to prepare my drink, a voice from behind said “The vending machine spoilt already. The hot water not hot anymore”. I turn around and look. It was the security guard. Then he walk over to us and grumble about how he also tried to buy a drink yesterday but the water isn’t hot and thus the water is powdery.

I stared at him briefly.

If the machine is spoilt, why didn’t you place a piece of paper on it to warn others? Or even call for the repairman to take a look. All you did is to complaint that the machine is spoilt and didn’t do a single thing to fix it.

So I threw away that powdery water and dial the 1800 number on the machine. Inform the operator that the machine is spoilt and ask them to send someone to repair it. Took less than 3 minutes.

Well… this is not exactly the first time similar things happen. I simply don’t understand why some people can just simply walk away from spoilt machine and don’t even bother to fix it. Perhaps they hope that someone else will hit the same problem and fix it later.

I’ve lost count of the number of times that I tried to fix the fax machine and photocopy machine in office. I’m quite sure there is someone infront of me that walk away when they saw the paper jam.

Why can’t they just fix it themselves? argh.


  1. hmz…did u fix the problem by doing what you said about what others should have done , muahahah …hopefully 😛 if not this blog goes on in soemone else’s too 😛

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