Work rant

Just bear with me while I grumble some stuff about work…..

Gan Jiong Tester strikes again

The Gan Jiong Tester strikes again today. Ok, this time, I was at fault. I’m suppose to change the description, but it slip off my mind. But the reason why it slip off my mind is because I put this at the lowest priority.

The problem is, these are not the finalized descriptions. Marketing dept is suppose to release the finalized product descriptions when the launch date is near. So we are just using trial descriptions.

So, why should I really bother about 1st letter have to be capital for trial descriptions? Why can’t you all bear with it and wait for the finalized descriptions?

Kiasi user

It has been 3 months since that kiasi tester took over the task. We had been thru very difficult times teaching her how to use the software to go about doing the task.

But whenever a slightly complicated request came, she will come find us and hope that we guide her to do the task. I grew so fed up that I replied a strong worded email to her, cc my boss and a few other people who are involved. We also have our own things to do. How can you expect us to spoon feed you everytime a complicated request comes in?

Few hours later, someone replied my email to defend her. He said that she is still new to the task and need guidance. I told my colleague to take over cause I know I’ll surely lose my temper on them.

3 month on the task and you still call new? How many more months do you expect us to spoonfeed you? We spend many hours teaching you how to do those request. We have taught you how to handle those complicated request too. And you still came and ask us to guide u further?

I wash my hands on this issue.

Outsource might make a mistake

A requester ask me to help extract some data from the database. As I was busy and the extraction is rather troublesome, I ask my subteamlead if I can assign the task to china side to do.

He agreed that I’m maxed out already, but he question if the china side can do the job. He is worried that they might make a mistake and ask me to get another colleague to do the extraction.

What the heck. Outsource staff might make a mistake so don’t give them. Then we outsource for what? Then local staff won’t make mistakes lah? So if I keep making mistakes, does that mean you will stop assigning task to me?

If they never do, they will never learn.

Told him that I will guide the china staff to do the extraction and verify their results.

Waste of talent
My ex-sub teamlead just return from maternity leave. When she was on the 2 month maternity leave, the subteam has been ‘desolved’ and split into the remaining 2 subteam. So when she return, she doesn’t have any subteam to lead. Management has no intention of reforming the old subteam. They think the new arrangement is quite good.

So she is now in my subteam, doing minor request like what I’m doing.

Its a waste of talent. She is capable of better stuff.

Still that stupid paper
One of my colleague’s contract ended recently. She is a JO like me because she is holding a diploma. But the things she is doing, like me, is what the SO are doing too. So she didn’t want to sign the new contract as the terms are not good enough.

HR couldn’t promote her to SO because she is still doing her degree course. Luckily for her, her degree course will finish by end of the year.

So HR offered her a 3 month contract as JO, and after that, they will renew her contract as SO since she would had gotten the degree by then.

Since she is already capable of being a SO, why not just promote her? Why must wait for that piece of paper?


149 days more to my end of contract…… haiz…..

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