Still the unattainable acorn

Was reading back some of my old blog entries. Saw this post I wrote about the unattainable acorn.

Actually, come to think of it, everyone has an acorn. An acorn that you desire so much and been trying so hard to reach it, yet you are always just a few inches away from it. Aiming for that impossible target and never give up. Just keep trying and trying.

I wrote that blog after watching Ice Age 2 with her. Back then, I was still chasing her and thought that I couldn’t win her hands. Its just like I’m Scrat and she is the unattainable acorn.

And she still is the unattainable acorn.

I thought I have moved on. But I haven’t. I’m only covering my pain with laughters and smiles. And I managed to fool everyone, including myself.

It still hurts to see you so far from me…….

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