Saturday @ office

Went back to office today to try to finish up on some stuff. Will not be in office for the whole of next week as I’m going on course.

The office is exceptionally quiet. Even quieter than the office at 8pm. There are a few people in the office. But everyone was working at their workstation. No phone rang, no people walking about. Just a quiet environment for work.

I could had been very productive in this kind of environment. I have a couple of items that I want to finish. I thought I could finish them within 3 hours.

But to my horror, the server was down. WTF. I travel all the way to office and the server was down. ARGH. And its Saturday. On normal weekdays, I could call the DBA to fix the problem. But I guess there is no support on weekends for testing server. Its not life and death anyway.

I was left with no choice but to code my stuff blindly without testing them in the server. I guess I have to come back on monday night after my course to do the testing in the server. Lets hope my blindly code skill doesn’t fail me.

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