Changing Attitude

My teamlead drag me into the meeting room today despite me being busy.

He ask if I’m interested in working in a new project. He need to provide a someone from out team to give 50% support. Currently, there is only 1 person working on that new project. And he came and ask if I wanted to do it. He did also ask me how did I feel about that person.

Apparently, he noticed that my email to that person lately hasn’t been that friendly. So he was wondering if I would have any problems working with that person.

He was right. I wasn’t happy with that person. A lot.

I’ve known that person since the 1st day I joined the company. Back then, he was assigned to teach me on work related stuff. He is quite a pleasant guy to work with, except the fact that he is always busy and you have to wait very long before having a chance to ask him things. And because he was always busy, he missed out 1 error that I made during checking which resulted in a major error in the system. We stayed back till late hours for a week to fix the error. We went for beer and supper after the problem was fixed. He was a great colleague. We lunch together in a big gang. We created a havoc during his wedding.

But that was 3 years ago.

We had a re-org and he was assigned to a new project. There wasn’t a teamlead in that project as there are only at most 6 people in the team. But as he had the most experience and knowedge with the system, everyone approach him when there is a problem. And shortly, he became the unofficial teamlead of that team.

We even tease him calling him contract team lead and lowest paid team lead in the beginning.

Things start to change. He bought a van and started not to join us for lunch. His attitude changed. He started to show some air, as though he is really a teamlead. I was suppose to liase with him on serveral stuff and I puke blood everytime I have to deal with him. Its as though he doesn’t take a simple no for an answer. Perhaps it is his ego. I don’t know. What I know is, I don’t see the colleague I used to work with in the past.

So when my teamlead ask me how I feel about him, I was very frank with him. Told him that I feel that he really thinks that he is the teamlead of that project and has air. Lots of them. In fact more than a director.

I told my teamlead I wouldn’t want to work with him if given a choice.

It was a good project. Quite challenging. I would had agreed to go do that project if he is not in the same project. But he made me have 2nd thoughts. The last thing I want is to work with a colleague who thinks that he is the teamlead and boss around.

But I did tell my teamlead that its not total dead end here. As in, if he really can’t find someone for the job, I’ll do it and just endure him.

Let’s see the outcome.


  1. i dont think he looked at you differently. Managing iPCC is no mean thing and he did well. you can gain a lot if you work with him.

  2. I didn’t say he look at me differently. I said he completely changed. To another person. Someone who think he is a big shot. As if he is really a teamlead. Someone full of himself.

    You can’t tell because you are his friend.

    So how is life at comverse? Say hi to Eric and JiangTao for me.

  3. DK, forget it man! must learn how to wear masks, ask SH to send u to acting course better…more useful skills
    then u can learn like other folks who dun reply yr emails, tell others not to disclose their whereabouts…

    give me the goosebumps when think spent 3 yrs with hypocrites!

    From Stanley! (anonymous, cause lazy to login)

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