On course day 1

Reach the training venue just in time. Appearantly, I’m the 2nd person to reach the place. I was surprised that their are only 4 person in the class. Imagine, the fee for 1 person is $1750. 4 person is just $7k. How the heck do they earn money like that?

Anyway, none of my business.

2 of my classmates are from PSA while the other 1 is from NCS. The guy who is from NCS paid for the course himself while the 3 of us are fully company sponsored. I’m the only person in the class without Java working experience. I do have experience in Java back in poly and uni. But no real life hands on experience.

Its nice chatting with the other 3 guys. They each have vast knowedge and experience in their field. Its nice talking to them and sharing the difficulties we all face in work. 1 thing we all had in common, our outsource staff all cannot make it. Starting to wonder if any outsource staff can make it at all.

The class is rather dry today. Mostly theory. And I was struggling to understand. There is going to be a test at the end of the course. Although open book, I’m beginning to worried a bit.

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