On course still go back office

Was on course today. But because the stupid server gave me problem on saturday, I have no choice to come back after my course to rush some stuff.

Dedicated staff or lack time management?

You be the judge.

Reach office at around 5pm. My course was suppose to finish at 5, but we finished early. The guy from NCS also need to return office, so I long bang his cab to my office since it is just nearby.

Tried to be low profile when entering the office. Its hard because I’m wearing short sleeve shirt and jeans when everyone else is in formal working attire.

Remember the movie Knight of Gamblers? The 1 starring Andy Lau and Stephen Chow. I tried using one of Stephen Chow’s supernatural power in that show. The “ni kan bu jian wo” (you cannot see me) trick. I put my hands at the side of my forehead, wiggle my fingers and keep repeating “Ni kan bu jian wo….. Ni kan bu jian wo….. Ni kan bu jian wo…..” when someone walk pass me.

It doesn’t work. They still saw me……

Everyone asking why am I back when I’m suppose to be on course. People forwarding work emails to me. People chasing me for things that I own them. Teamlead dragging me into meeting room to discuss some stuff. People asking me to help them on some stuff. People coming over to ask me about some issue.

I’m just back here to rush 1 task only. But the way you all add more things to my to do list, I almost thought I can’t leave the office until midnight. I only managed to really do my staff after 7pm when most people has left the office. Still prefer to come back on Saturday provided that the server is not down.

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