Short hair

Went to Icon at Wisma Isetan for a haircut today.

The place is rather interesting. A salon poping out inside a departmental store. It was my first time there, therefore I was assigned a random stylist. Waited for more than 10 minutes for my turn. (-20) I should had made an appointment. So I was sitted there, reading past issue of “New Man” and “Stuff”. Don’t they have the latest issue? (-20) Occasionally looking up to “bio” the few beautiful looking stylist (+50), wondering which 1 will be serving me later. Now I understand why my cousin’s boyfriend likes that place alot. Better warn her next time. Hahahaha…..

But to my great disappointment, it was a guy serving me. (-100) And if you have to assign a guy to serve me, at least assign a good looking 1! (-10) Haiz….. Whatever.

Told him that I wanted my hair short and ask him to cut whatever style that he thinks suits me. I put down my magazine when he was cutting my hair. I don’t understand how people read magazine when someone is cutting their hair. I’m just not used to it. Maybe its because of I’m trained to have my haircut at places without the luxury of magazine.

I was expecting the stylist to pick up a conversation with me. But no. He just carry on cutting my hair and I just blankly stare at the mirror looking at what he is doing. I wouldn’t mind if its the usual barber that I visit. But this is a salon. A haircut there is going to take at least 45minutes. And I just stare blindly at the mirror and you didn’t even talk much? (-1000) I’m bored to death…..

Total score, -1120 marks. OK, maybe I’ll try another place next time. Or try another stylist. Maybe check with my cousin’s boyfriend to see which stylist he visit. I’m sure it must be 1 of the pretty ones.


The end product is so so only. Oh well…. that’s my hair. Untamable no mattter what I do. Think Donald Trump has better hair than me.

Whoever said that I look good in short hair better be correct.
Else it will take at least 2 months to change back.

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