Last 3 day of course

Day 3

The lab are still very tough to follow.

I managed to crash my local application server. Well done DK! Even the instructor have no idea how I managed to do it. Outside-standing.

Oh well….. it took 5 minutes to reinstall everything. So its not that bad.

Day 4

Touched on web components. Finally managed to follow up.
Perhaps it because I’m more comfortable with web based components and dare to explore the codings and thus able to understand better.

Day 5 – Last day

We only got 1 module to complete today. Its more of a “For your info” module and an introduction to more advance level.

We had a test on all the stuff we learnt for the past 5 days. It was a tough paper. Luckily, it was a open book, open internet and sometimes open discussion paper. I’ve learnt that google and your course mates are your best friend when it comes to the test. Heard that the results will be send to my HR. Hope I don’t embarrass myself.

Finished everything at 12:15pm. Could had finished earlier if we didn’t took such a long coffee break.


Overall, its a very good course. I feel that I would be able to absorb and digest more if I had the working experience on Java before attending the course. But I did learn alot. The guys who had experience in Java before attending the course also said that this is a tough course.

End of the day, we had a certificate of attendance and a voucher for a free webcam.
The cert will look good in my resume. I need to collect the webcam at marina sq before the stupid voucher expires next weekend……


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