Raised an request for a hotfix yesterday. Hotfix are done in the evening. Usually we don’t stay back and wait for the fix to finish. We usually come back next day to check the results.

When I check the results today, I discovered that my fix didn’t go thru. Went to check my script and didn’t see any errors. So I emailed to everyone involved in the hotfix to find out what happen and see if anyone got an error log or something so that we can investigate.

Few minutes later, a DBA replied the email saying he will re-run the hotfix tonight. The strange thing is, the email is only send to me. He removed everyone from the loop.

Straight away I knew that he made the error. No need ask more.

Few minutes later, someone from another team replied the email telling me that he check his area and didn’t see any errors. He also instructed someone else to check another place to find out the cause.

I forward them the email from the DBA and told them that they can stop the investigation as the problem most likely lies with the DBA side.

The problem is, if you made a mistake, just tell everyone that you made an error so that we will not waste our time investigating the cause. What is wrong with all these egoistic people? Is it so hard to email to everyone and say you made an error and will fix it later tonight?

Luckily the DBA is in another office, else I would expect him walk to my table and tell me face to face… Just like what someone did last time.

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