Old Singapore Photos


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Beautiful right? I always like to see old photos to see how much things has changed. Can see some familiar buildings in the 26 photos. They are all very beautiful.

1 photo that caught my attention was the garden in raffles place. Find it interesting to have a beautiful garden between the shop houses. And there is a fountain too. Been trying to figure out the location of this garden now. I know, most likely the garden no longer exist. Maybe there is a skyscraper at its site now. I’m guessing that its at the location of the current Raffles Place MRT station. But I can’t be sure. Anyone got any idea?

Showed the pictures to my dad. He seems to enjoy looking at those photos as much as I do. And as we scroll thru each photos, he would tell me where that place is and some stories.

But when I ask him about the whereabout of the garden, he has no idea.

Poor mum….. dad never bring you to those places to par tor when you were dating each other.


  1. If I know that you like looking these pictures so much I would have forward them to you.. I received them in a mail like a month back…

  2. The garden is just infront to the Raffles Place MRT Station entrance. I can send you a photo of the present location. How do I do that?
    Great to see that people are interested in old singapore. I am a 66 yr old guy no longer living in singapore

  3. That garden was the one that Raffles place MRT is located now, where people nowadays sit/hang out. So u see, the old building has been already been demolished. The current Raffles square is the original one because it belongs to Sir Stamford Raffles which the current government keep that traditional.

  4. Indeed it is Raffles Place Mrt now. The old Building on the left is John Little and on the right is Robinson. In the background is the Asia Insurance building which is still standing. Change Alley is also here o the left. The garden is right on top of a underground carpark.

  5. Hi dk,
    go there only once in a while, I was in Primary school then, used to go with a classmate to buy Enid Blyton story books. Glad u enjoy looking at old nostalgic photos of Singapore.

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