Had make up lesson yesterday because Tuesday was a holiday.

Exams are coming and we had finish our lesson. So the tutor is giving us revision and exam tips. He prepared a powerslide with key points that we should take note while doing our revision. It also includes model answer for the assignments questions which he thinks its important. We were all copying whatever thing that is on the powerpoint slide like mad.

It was crazy. He could had made it simply by giving us the powerpoint slides so that we can concentrate on his talking and read the powerpoint slide later. But he said he couldn’t give us the slides because there are model answer for assignments and the school doesn’t allows the tutors to distribute them. But we can look at it and copy down whatever we want.

Isn’t that a very stupid ruling?

I told the tutor that he could just give us the ppt and I’m sure nobody will report him to the university. But he refused. While I understand his concern, I’m just not happy with the schools’ inflexibility. What the heck, its just model answers. You allow tutors to show the slide, but not distribute. What the heck are you all thinking about?

I could had use my cameraphone to take picture of all the slides, but I guess it will be abit hard to refer back to. So I copy the main points, just like everyone else does.

I can’t stand inflexible rules and people.

Just like what Donald Trump said:
“You need flexibility or you’re never ever going to be successful.”

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