New Template

Work in progress…..

Finally finish changing my template. Been saying that I wanted to change my blogskin since long long time ago. Its not that I’m busy or lazy to change. Its just that I haven’t bump into a blogskin that I really like.

Well, finally found 1 beautiful blogskin call make my way.

I took 1 hour to tweak the template. This CSS stuff is making HTML harder and harder to understand. Too bad we didn’t get a chance to learn CSS back in school.

Please let me know if there is any problem viewing my blog. Think there might be some problems for firefox users.


  1. CSS is supposed to make life much more easier when you are doing HTML. You lousy say lah… muahahahhaha. But hey, nice template you got there.

  2. Hey, I was looking at adding this template my self…

    I got it working on firefox, but I can’t get rid of the navbar thini at the top.

    Can you please help me? Email me at lastrider04(at)


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